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Thread: No Wet Diaper???

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    Default No Wet Diaper???

    Normally DD diaper is very wet in the morning. This morning her diaper was completely dry. She did sleep from 8:20p until 5:15a. Normally she would wake up and eat once in that time. She had a bottle from DH and then went back to sleep until 7:30a. I went to change her and nothing. And now when I changed her(1.5 hr later), it was only a little wet. Should I be worried?
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    DD started doing this a while back and I felt like you - freaked out. She would normally wake up soaking wet and then she started waking up dry. It is normal...they just learn to hold it. Just make sure she has plenty of wet diapers throughout the day. Usually DD will have some big ones back to back.
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    Default Re: No Wet Diaper???

    Yeah, this happens occasionally even when they're drinking enough. I wouldn't worry unless it continues.

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    My son did this on his six month birthday. We spend three hours of that night in the ER because he'd gone 24 hours with not a single soaked diaper. Despite the lack of diapers, his eyes were bright, mouth was moist, skin elastic and he occupied himself at the ER by flirting with every female who walked through the door.

    The doctor who saw us said he was probably dealing with a bit of a stomach bug and was just nursing enough to stay hydrated. She had us do a log of diapers and nursing sessions for 24 hours and he picked up fine, starting when we finally got home at midnight, ironically.

    If she stays dry for 24 hours, taking her in is probably worth the reassurance that everything is fine - or finding out that she actually is sick despite all signs to the contrary.

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