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Thread: can stomach bug pass thru BM?

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    Default can stomach bug pass thru BM?

    My 1yr old is having diarrhea, vomiting, fever for the last 3 days and runny nose and cough. The doc says it is a stomach infection. I had to travel last week and I suspect she got it there. I was very careful and gave her well cooked food and boiled water. I did not watch what I was eating. Is it possible that she got the stomach bug via BM? I dont have any of the symptoms.

    Should I be really carefult what I eat while I continue to BF?

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    Default Re: can stomach bug pass thru BM?

    I don't think it was BM, generally BM provides immunities (no links sorry) to your babe to help protect them from things that you have come in contact with. It's more likely that she picked it up from someone while traveling via cough/sneeze/contact.
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    Default Re: can stomach bug pass thru BM?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*veenasri View Post
    Is it possible that she got the stomach bug via BM?
    Nope. If you get the stomach virus, chances are, you'll be sick and baby won't. I agree with pp, she probably picked it up from somewhere else.

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    Default Re: can stomach bug pass thru BM?

    one of the most amazing things I have learned about nursing is that if your LO is exposed to something that you are not exposed to, LO tranfers some of the virus/bacteria/infectious agent to your breast when nursing and antibodies that are SPECIFIC to that agent are produced at the breast and given back to LO without having to engage Momma's full immune system. How cool is that?

    So keep on nursing Momma! Even if you weren't exposed to this bug, you are still helping LO fight it!

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    Default Re: can stomach bug pass thru BM?

    You can be sick and your Lo won't get it as long as you refraine from kissing them so much lol.. thats what my Dr. told me and I will always remeber it... you can't pass it through your breast milk..
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