My LO is now 5 months and takes a bottle just fine. I have alot of milk stored in the freezer(even though I don't work) for the occasional time out. She always takes the bottle just fine and usually downs 4oz. Well a couple days ago I left LO w/a friend for a couple of hours and she only drank 2oz of the bottle. The next evening I was going to give her the other 2oz in the bottle and warmed if. For some reason I decided to smell it just in case and it was gross smelling. My husband smelled and he said "It smells like soap" That's when I remembered soapy=lipase issue. I tasted it and oh my god it was gross. Does this mean I have a lipase issue with my milk or did it happen b/c it was thawed milk that had already been used the day before. I know I probably shouldn't have even given it to her. I also smelled the milk that I had pumped earlier in the day and it seemed ok maybe a little borderline off(I tasted it as well). What do you guys think, should I thaw out another bag just to see. I'm confused b/c she always takes a bottle no problem.