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Thread: Uh-oh...she won't take a bottle of EBM!

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    Default Uh-oh...she won't take a bottle of EBM!

    So, this is my third baby, 2nd with extreme food sensitivities. DH and I would like a few hours to ourselves, along with going to a few social obligations this upcoming holiday season (yes, that dreaded yet loved holiday season is just around the corner...look for x-mas decorations in stores in about 2 weeks!) and DD will not take a bottle of EBM. She tries, but all she does is gag. I have tried a few different nipples, short, long, small, large, breast shaped ones...nada. We had this issue with pacifiers too...I am the unproud owner of every single brand and type of pacifiers that Target sells! She also desperately wants to suck on her fingers, it is what she does when she is done nursing, but once again, they make her gag. She doesn't gag at the breast, unless she wants to suckle and gets milk on a full belly. I am at a total loss here. I know I am probably S.O.L but I thought I would try and pick your brains on here for ideas...so you have any?


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    Default Re: Uh-oh...she won't take a bottle of EBM!

    how old is baby?
    you might have to try a spoon. Sometimes that works for some babies.

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