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Thread: Bm cures everything!

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    Default Bm cures everything!

    I just wanted to say I love bm -it's a diaper rash magic eraser! My son is still very sensitive to citrus although he loves it and get some pretty nasty rashes when I forget to limit his amount of citrus. He woke so upset last night because he got a rash and I put bm on it, let it dry then applied a ton of a &d and today the rash is basically gone!
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    Default Re: Bm cures everything!

    It is amazing what BM can do!

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    Default Re: Bm cures everything!

    I expressed some for a blister my poor DD got from the sun =/ her poor little nose got bunrt, she rubbed it and the blister popped.. so i put BM on it a couple days later POOF gone, no scar no nothing you cant even tell she has an owwie!

    funny story is, my friend had a cut on her finger, she said "looked infected" to her and instinctly i though "oh i'll put some BM on it" lol I offered she laughed hahahha

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