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Thread: ahhh, so that's why!!

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    Default ahhh, so that's why!!

    ds hasn't been nursing very well during the day the past couple of days, and hasn't been sleeping very well during the night (nursing all night long).

    Today I felt a tooth Bottom front (left). I knew they were close but because he's been teething (drooling/chewing) since he was 2 months I thought they might never come through Hopefully the one next to it will show up soon!

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    Default Re: ahhh, so that's why!!

    Mystery solved! Ikwym about feeling like teething can take forever. My kids all got teeth late (10-11 months, DD2 has none yet) and I kept thinking they were getting them for months before.
    Aw, I bet his little tooth is so cute! Here's to more restful nights ahead...maybe.


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