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Thread: Constant nursing at 9 months

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    Default Constant nursing at 9 months

    DD has been nursing constantly for the past couple of days. It was definitely more frequent yesterday after surgery, but I seem to recall it being this way even beforehand.

    She's looking to nurse at least every two hours, sometimes three, and started waking up several times a night again. Yesterday she nursed so often that sometimes I wouldn't even get a letdown. But she would just stay latched on for 20 minutes anyway (which is a super long time for her). It was the first time in a long time, ever really, where I actually felt "empty" when she was nursing. I know you're not ever really empty but it certainly felt like she was nursing at an empty tap.

    So here's what I'm wondering: Is there a 9-month growth spurt? Is this a sign that she might be ready for more solids than she's been getting?

    ETA: She has two teeth already and I think her first upper tooth is coming in, if that matters. She did increase night nursing with the lower teeth but not so much during the day.

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    Default Re: Constant nursing at 9 months

    Yes! There is a 9 month growth spurt and I thought it was by far the longest and the roughest. DS was eating solids at that point, but not much. Hang in there!
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    Default Re: Constant nursing at 9 months

    My son nurses more now than he did as an infant. It's a myth that all children start off strong and wind down.

    Teething could definitely be the cause of it. DS always nurses even more when teeth are on their way through.

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