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Thread: Helping yourself and others with pumping

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    Default Helping yourself and others with pumping

    Hi! I'm Plish!

    It seems that so many of the breast pumps out there are borderline barbaric and still miss the boat with what is really needed!

    It's time to take things into our own hands!

    I am starting a new company developing a Next Generation Breast Pump. The goal is to make a product that gives you what you need and want in a Breast Pump. I hope to learn something and grow and share experiences with you that will hopefully help you as well! I'm excited to be part of this board and starting this new venture!

    So, I went online and created this survey. Please help us out!

    Before you take this survey, pause for a moment and dream about what you would like to see in a Breast Pump. Please share your dreams with us...

    Please click on the button below to begin.



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    Default Re: Helping yourself and others with pumping

    Thanks everyone for the answers! I'll be contacting those of you who gave the "ok" for more info at a later date.

    Thanks again!


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