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Thread: Why do people push solids?! -- VENT

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    I think that sometimes people are just pushing for that next milestone...and eating solids is a milestone. Often times I don't think that they intend to discredit our parenting, but that they just think it would be fun and exciting to see the solids happen and don't realize how they come across to someone who is just trying to raise their child the way that they see fit. Some of the comments are downright wrong, like saying that an all liquid diet can't be food for anyone, but often with the suggestions that your child is still hungry and not getting enough, etc, are just people honestly trying to be helpful. They probably don't know the latest on breastfeeding and really are just clueless. In those situations, I guess all we can do is educate them on what the AAP and WHO say and if they press the issue further, put our foot down and say no more, or ignore it.
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    Default Re: Why do people push solids?! -- VENT

    Ya, and after we put our foot down and tell them the subject is off limits and they bring it up anyway, then we are allowed to make insane jokes, be rude or act like they didn't say what they did and change the subject to something THEY feel uncomfortable about

    Ok, anyway, that's how I feel sometimes.

    Oh and the formula amount, my dd is 5 mo and does exactly as described above... just so you know.

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    Default Re: Why do people push solids?! -- VENT

    What I'm finding is that there are soooo many misconceptions regarding breastfeeding and basic nutrition out there that it's no wonder that most, if not all of us, have had problems with people telling us we should be feeding our kids solids ASAP.

    Part of it is cultural. In the US, nursing isn't the norm. Historically, babies were given cereal very early. So when we do something different than our moms or grandmothers, who aren't up to date on current recommendations, they think we are doing something wrong and are insulting their parenting choices. Part of it is the peds. I have met several who actually tell the parents they can't exclusively nurse, they must start solids, so forth, at a young age. We are brought up to believe the doctor knows best, when sometimes, they don't.

    People believe that solids help kids sleep, or be less fussy, or whatever -- they solve the current problem. They don't realize that maybe the problem was due to go away (the next milestone was reached) and that resolved whatever the problem was, like sleeping through the night. It wasn't the food.

    BTW, solids never helped my son either sleep through the night earlier or reduce the amount of nursing. I also babysit a FF child, and he is fed 3x a day several jars of baby food, finger foods, and still drinks 6-8 oz of formula every 4 hours at 10 months except at night (his mom puts him in the crib and leaves him there). Solids sure haven't reduced his milk intake!

    But, hey, look at AMERICA. The "average" American eats fast food at least once a day (and that includes children). It's no wonder that the "average" American is overweight and that 30% of children are overweight. I just heard that at least 10% of infants under 1 are overweight. There's no understanding of basic nutrition. So that just spills over into how babies are fed.

    A PP suggested changing the subject when they ask you about how solids are going, or telling them you are not entertaining the topic. Good idea. Heck, I think I avoided the most critical people for a while entirely.

    Meanwhile, just keep talking here We've all been there and know exactly how you are feeling! It's tough!
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