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Thread: Weaning Dilemma - Timeline - Cold Turkey and OS

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    what is your end goal in terms of when it would be easiest to breastfeed? Are you looking to have a morning and night session only? Or would you be open to having a morning, and 2 evening sessions? I ask because if you can nurse 3 times in 24 hours you don't have to worry about cows milk or formula.

    And I think that dropping one session a week is a very good and realistic goal. I would start with sessions that are already the shortest. Leaving the ones you intend on keeping (perhaps morning/evening) and maybe dropping the ones closest to meals last (to give your lo more practice with solids before he really has to rely on solids, kwim?).

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    after reading your last post i would like to make the following suggestion.

    continue as you are now until November, you will notice things get much easier very soon, baby will be more active and want to nurse less...

    in November since you have a stash, just quit the pumping and nurse on demand, by Christmas you'll notice lo is involved in other things and dosen't demand to nurse every 2 hours....

    continue to nurse on demand while you start leaving lo in january, allow DH or someone else to give some of your stash when you are away if he needs it...
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    Default Re: Weaning Dilemma - Timeline - Cold Turkey and OS

    wonderfull post lidarln

    I'm sure that was helpfull to the op...

    You'll figure it out!

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    Default Re: Weaning Dilemma - Timeline - Cold Turkey and OS

    Okay, maybe this is a stupid question - if little one slowly decreases the nursing sessions on his own, because he is busy, won't he end up with not enough intake? I seriously doubt he will go from taking 2 1/2 oz to eight at a nursing session. Dr says to keep milk/formula between 24-32 oz per day. I personally don't think LO ever takes 24 per day, I think 20 is more his average. Just a guess though. I seemed to think from other info I heard that the milk volume stayed the same throughout nursing, with just solids added to the mix?

    I have decided to go ahead and chuck the night pumping. I am just sooo tired of it after having to pump all that time at the beginning. I am going to wait longer on the rest though. You all have been great help and support!! I am so glad I have stuck with this!
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