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Thread: Mini pill and fussy baby

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    Default Mini pill and fussy baby

    Hi all,

    So its been over a week since I started taking the mini pill. Ever since I started taking it, my lo refuses to go to bed at night. (I take the pill before I put her to bed) She has been screaming so loud and for so long (2 hours or more on some nights) and does not respond to any calming techniques. She just eventually poops out and falls asleep. Prior to my starting the pill, she was sleeping 10 - 12 hours a night and had no issues going to bed. She eats well during the day and at night before bedtime, but when she is worked up, she won't even take my breast, so I can't use that to calm her. She does not fight her naps during the day, so I am really confused! She doesn't really seem fussy until late evening. During the day she is pretty happy and content. My question for you all is...have you ever had any issues with the mini pill and a fussy baby? And should I stop using the pill? Thanks so much in advance for your advice!

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    Default Re: Mini pill and fussy baby

    How old is baby???
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    Oops...I meant to mention that she is 3 1/2 months old...Sorry

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