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    I just wanted an opinion on sleep patterns - my LO is 8 weeks old and some days takes short naps during the day and some days long (2+ hours). I don't mind if its during the light hours but if she naps after 4pm I panic thinking she won't sleep during the night. But I also know that I shouldn't disturb her sleep because that can cause other sleep issues. Should I just let the sleeping baby lie or wake her up in the evenings if she falls asleep? Thanks!!! FYI she normally goes 3 hours between feedings, sometimes I get a 6 hr stretch at night.

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    A lot of times, the better a baby that young sleeps during the day, the better she'll sleep at night. The only problem I see with a late afternoon nap is that bedtime might come a little later--if you don't mind a later bedtime, I say let her sleep.

    Oh, and I envy your 6 hour stretches. When mine was that age, I was lucky to get 3.

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