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Thread: Weight gain with decreased nursing?

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    Red face Weight gain with decreased nursing?

    We're not weaning, per se, but DS is certainly nursing less and I've just this week started trying not to pump during the day while at work. (yeah; mixed emotions about all this).

    Has anyone who has weaned or even just decreased their BF experienced a big increase in their own body weight due to the lack of burning as many calories thru milk production and BF? Just wondering how proactive I need to be about heading-off putting on pounds at this point!

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    I think this varies so much from person to person that it's hard to guess how your body will react. I was one of those lucky people who experienced really easy weight loss from breastfeeding--I was back to prepregnancy weight pretty quickly (maybe even a little below) despite eating TONS of food and not really exercising other than carry around a baby 24/7 . Actually I was astonished at how much food I was able to eat. Now DS is getting older and I'm producing less, there definitely is a difference. I've put back on about 5 pounds. I'm thinking I should really start watching what I eat again as I've gotten used to the anything goes diet .

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    In my experience (my own and other moms), I agree that there is a lot of variability around this metabolism thing. I got within 10 pounds of my "ideal weight" (a little less than just pre-pregnancy) by the time DD was 8 months old and then STAYED there for almost 4 months. No movement on the scale no matter what I ate or how much I exercised. Now that she has weaned to AM/PM feedings, I've seen a few more pounds drop off (and I'm eating/exercising pretty much the same) so for me, weaning actually helped me lose some more. I still try to eat healthy, but I find I can still eat within my weight watchers points range for nursing and if I don't lose, I at least hold steady.

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    What LLOWE wrote is pretty much exactly what I was going to write.
    I too am amazed about how much I could eat without excercising (except playing and carrying DD, housework, and occasional walks).
    Now that she's 13 months old I've slowly started to notice a little extra stuff that wasn't there before, but we haven't been on many walks due to the HEAT of the summer...
    I too am having to start watching what I eat.
    I cut back the number of times I nurse to half in this last month and this is the month that I've noticed the most change in my body.

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