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    My six month old has thrush! I noticed it over the weekend and almost immediately knew that's what it was. I have it now as well. We've been to the doctor and have medication. However, other than the medication, I need to know what else I can be doing to get rid of the thrush and prevent future outbreaks. He hasn't been on any antibiotics.....so I'm almost positive this is something he picked up at daycare. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Clean, clean, clean! Start washing everything in hot water with a cup of vinegar added to the wash; only wear/use bras, shirts, onesies, towels, washcloths once before washing them; sterilize all pump parts, bottles, pacifiers everyday- boil them for 20 minutes; don't save pumped milk longer than a few days; rinse your nipples in half vinegar half water solution after nursing.

    Some people have luck with probiotics. I didn't use them, but maybe someone else will come along and give you some advice about that. I did cut back on sugar in our diets and eat lots of yogurt.

    Good luck! What medication did your doctor prescribe?
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    I know that you already know you guys have thrush, but this is a good article that describes other things that you can do.
    Hope it helps and you defeat the yeast!
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