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    My dd turned 1 year the end of July (happy b-day baby girl!). I currently pump three times a day for her but want to gradually reduce pumping to just once a day at lunchtime. I plan on switching half of her daily bottles at daycare with cow's milk (two of four bottles). How do I do this? Do I just experiment with a single bottle, replacing 1 ounce (4 oz bottles) with cow's milk? Or do I replace 1 ounce in each of the four bottles? I guess I am scared she will reject the bottles of mixed milk at some point and I will have wasted my milk. Another part of me is scared she will reject cow's milk all together and I will have to pump for her until she goes to college (ok- silly I know but...). She is v. picky about what she drinks. For example she hates juice of any kind. When I gave her a sippy with cow's milk she threw it on the floor! She does "tolerate" milk in her cereal, tho'.

    Tips/suggestions welcome for this our next journey together. Amazing how the path of motherhood is always changing.

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    Some mothers try adding cow's milk to just one bottle per day, replacing about 1/4 of your milk with cow's milk at first. Once you know she's taking that bottle just fine, add in more cow's milk, a little at a time, until that bottle is all cow's milk. Then you can switch the other bottle(s) to cow's milk, too.

    Most daycare providers will offer a cup with lunch - you could request that this cup be the one that's slowly switched to cow's milk first.

    Also, start by offering cow's milk at the same temp as your milk is served to her.
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