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Thread: biting..!!!!!

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    How can i stop my 8 month old biting, he has been doing this a month now since he got his first tooth in, now he has 2 on the bottom and the top 2 about to make an appearence, it is every nuring session, and not just the biting, when he unlatches, he clampps down and drags himself off!! nothing i have tried helps, i have pushed him into my breast, to make him unlatch, stopped feeding him and not let him feed for a cpl minutes, it is at the point im seriously thinking of giving up, as he is getting worse not better!! one side, just below the nipple, i just have this huge gouge where it has been bit constantly, and even when he doesnt bite, it hurts when he feeding. also, he will only ever nurse lying down, has been like thi since about 6 weeks old, so i cant even go places...which was ok, and i could handle it and work around it, but now with the biting..i feel like i just cant do it anymore..i cry everytime he wants to feed, and im in so much pain, im almost starting to activaly hate the whole act of breastfeeding.
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    ! I was going to suggest trying a different hold but if he's only nursing while lying then that may not work. I would try it wanyway. Also, have you tried startling him when he does it? I don't mean scare him but enough to where he associates the action with an undesired response?

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    Hugs to you mama! I know what you're going through... at 11 months, my DD finally got her first tooth in and has bit me several times. The first time she bit me she broke the skin and gave me this gash which started bleeding! The only thing I can offer is to try and watch your LO's cues for when he's about to bite. If he's not actively nursing and just resting on your nipple, he may be getting ready to bite. If you learn his signals before he bites, it might help you to know when to unlatch??

    What I will offer is what I did to heal my bite wound... I found that my injury kept getting ripped open at other times (besides when she nursed.) I discovered it was my nursing pad sticking to the scab (I use the Lansinoh disposable nursing pads.) What I ended up doing was buying some of those NON-STICK gauze pads, and placing one inside my nursing pad, right over my nipple, WITHOUT using any kind of tape (OUCH!) The key is to find the NON-STICK kind so your scab doesn't stick to it. Also, after every nursing session and whenever I remembered during the day I would slather the wound up with Lanolin to keep it moist. I knew it would tug open when she nursed, but fortunately it only hurt during the first minute or so of our nursing sessions. Also, I bought some of those Playtex gel soothie pads (from Target, I think?) and placed them in the refrigerator first, then I would place one over my nipple to help with the pain.

    I hope this helps with getting your bite wound healed... I'm sorry I don't have much advice to get your LO to stop biting, I know how frustrating that is! My LO hadn't bit me for several weeks, then on Sunday she bit me 3 times! Thankfully she didn't break the skin on any of the bites

    Good luck mama
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    My 8 Month DD has biten me a couple times, but never broke skin THANK GOD! Buttt BM works wonders.. soooo if you can let your LO nurse on the one side while you let your other side heal.. and express some when you get full on that hurt side.. int he mean time expreess some bm and put it on your wound let it dry then put on some lansinoh and bam should be healed in a couple days =)

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