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Thread: So Sick of DS Getting Sick!!!

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    Unhappy So Sick of DS Getting Sick!!!

    Since he was 11 months going on a year old, he has been ill often. Here's how it all transpired:

    11 mo-Roseola, which I know many babies get
    1 year-ear infection (his first), molars came in, allergies (hay fever)
    13 mo-cold
    14 mo-diarrhea, pink eye
    15 mo-sinus infection, another cold, ear infection in both ears
    I'm sure there are others I failed to write...you get the point though.

    Is this how it's going to be for the rest of his second year??? I was so lucky that I got to stay home with him his first year of life. He was hardly ever sick. Now that he's in daycare and I am working outside the home, he catches everything, it seems. I hate for my boss to see this as a negative for hiring me. My job, as all are, is demanding and I'm doing my best with what I've got.

    I have had my doubts recently about my bm still doing its job in giving him immunities. I know there's the theory of "just think how sick he'd be if he didn't have your bm." I guess there's just a lot of self-doubt altogether going on with being a working mom, albeit a bfing, working mom just adds fuel to the fire.

    ARRRGGGG!!! Just needed to vent...thanks.
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    Default Re: So Sick of DS Getting Sick!!!

    I am a BF working mom and have been since my daughter were little 3month and 2 months. The time between one and two seems to be the worst even though they started in daycare much sooner. I think it is because they are very mobile at that age and get into much more and still put everything in their mouths. The sick children is hell but rest assure it does get better. As LO gets older he will be sick less often. I am told by the time they are school age they are almost never sick but we have not got there yet.

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    Hugs, mama. How sad it must be to see him keep getting sick! I think you're doing the best you can for him and if the BM isn't preventing him from getting sick, it could very well be making the sicknesses shorter and less severe.

    I also think it's totally normal for any kid to go through a rough patch when they're adjusting to a new situation. I'm sure his immune system will only get stronger and you'll start to feel more confident.

    Good luck!

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    oh I am sorry that is so frustrating... The good news as they get older their immune system gets stronger and they get sick less often.. When my oldest starts school I call her my germ girl because we all start getting sick within the first week.. the best we can do is have her wash her hands and change her clothes when she gets home.. but it does get better.... she never gets sick just the rest of us...LOL..
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