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    Well I have had a tough time with breastfeeding from the beginning. Bad latch, tongue tied and some bad advice made it a tough first month. I'm sure this didn't help my milk supply get well established. He was slow to get back to his birth weight but started doing quite well after he was a month old. I began pumping more and more and then exclusively to give my more nipples a break. Then I returned to work and went on birth control (Mirena) which did not help things. I usually had to give a bottle of formula in order to have enough bottles to send to daycare. I was a crazy woman about pumping but without much success in seeing an increase. Things I tried: 1) Lactation consultants 2) Fenugreek 3)Blessed thistle 4)More milk plus 5) goats rue 6) Reglan 7) Currently trying domperidone- it is day 4 and so far no real noticable increase. I haven't been giving formula for the last three weeks or so since I fixed his latch and he has been nursing great. However the amount I pump while working is going down and he is waking up more and more during the night when he used to sleep for 5 hours straight. Now I'm lucky if I get 3 hours! I feel I am going to have to start sending a bottle or formula or giving food at home. My son is 3.5 months old. I know it is a little early for food but I'm not that happy with formula either. I think I have tried everything suggested on this forum: co sleeping, bathing together, hanging out shirtless and him in his diaper and nursing like crazy on the weekend and after work.
    I know my son and I know he wants more. Do I go back to a bottle of formula a day or do I try early introduction of baby food??? Aghhhhh its so frustrating. I feel like we take one step forward and two steps back. Im so proud of us for fixing his latch at 2.5m old. He loves nursing at the times I am more full but I can tell his frustration when I am not. I keep at it but I want my boy to be happy. Oh he is approx 12.5 pounds. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    This is really tough for you guys! Have you seen this article? I wonder if there might be an underlying medical problem to your low supply.
    Hidden Hinderances to a Healthy Milk Supply

    As for the food or formula question, going with formula may be the best option. I would talk to your doctor about it though. The thing with replacing breastmilk/formula with food is that there are very few foods that are as dense in calories and fats. (here's a link with some more info on that http://kellymom.com/nutrition/vitami...dcalories.html) So that means you'd be feeding him less! Also there are other things with solids, like possibly allergies, and digestion problems (like constipation) that are probably not going to make solids worth it.
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