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Thread: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

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    Default Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    The Parenting magazine poll is prompting me to take an internal poll here.... How long have you been BF your LO? If you are done BF but still mentoring here, please answer with respect to any of your BF'd children. Since many of us are still planning on continuing to BF for a while, I'd love responses to answer the poll AND to comment on how long they are hoping to BF!
    thanks, everyone!
    We're at 16+ months and I'm hoping to go to somewhere in the 20-24 months range....

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    Default Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    Nope; that's perfect amount of info! It's actually JUST the thing for new mommas who are struggling with this adventure in the early days to see -- it gets better and we change our expectations accordingly!

    Hey.... where did that post go?? I know I was responding (epbrown) to one here.....??

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    Default Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    Ooops--I meant to edit it but I instead deleted. Here goes (if I can remember)

    I will have been breastfeeding for 8 months on August 14...whoooppeee!!!

    When I started it was gonna be 3 months, then at 3 months it was gonna be 6 months. Then it was a year and now, I don' t know 18 months???? We'll see.

    Hope that wasn't TMI!

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    Default Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    Great poll! Ds has been bfing for almost 15 months. My goal was always a year and I just assumed that we'd wean shortly thereafter since I work full time out side the home. But, after we got down to morning and night (and I pump weaned), it was just too easy to give up. Now he's down to once a day and I see no reason to quit until he decides it's time.

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    Default Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    I am so glad you posted the poll. I have never written anything before, but I have been reading this forum for months. I am still bf'ing our 13 month old daughter and feeling a tremendous sense of accomplishment. We had a very tough start- breast feeding was not easier, or less expensive, than formula in the beginning! I had cracked infected nipples and had to purchase a breast pump and pay for three visits with a lactation consultant. Fortunately, I have a friend who is a LLL. She lives in another state, but she called me every day for the first six weeks. I am not sure I would have made it without her support and my husband's patience and hard work. It was worth all the effort as we have enjoyed so many peaceful, happy times nursing.

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    Default Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    I am still bf twins at 34 months and was originally truly was going to do a week and i am still loving it as much as the very first time


    proud mummy

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    Smile Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    Love the poll! I'm new to the forums and I've been wondering for a long time if I was the only one who was doing extended breastfeeding. I'm glad to know I'm not. I get a lot of weird looks from people when they find out my Katrina's still nursing several times a day (mainly at night and in the morning as I work all day outside the home) and she's a year old and I plan to continue nursing until she decides she just doesn't want it anymore. Those same people give me even more astonished looks when they discover I breastfed my first daughter until she weaned herself at 2 and a half.

    Question, is there an age that's too old to continue nursing?
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    Default Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    I planned to bf my dd for one year, but as that approaches quickly I think I will extend it out further, but no specific plans right now. I work all day so I plan to keep up the morning and nighttime feedings for a while at least.
    I bf my ds until he was 6 months old.
    How old is too old? My dh and I were talking about this last night. Of course, there is no “right” answer. But, for me, I don’t think I would bf a child over the age of about 18 mos. in public, and I really don’t think I would want to bf a child over the age of 3 at all. I would like to think I would never judge anyone else, either, but if I’m being very honest I have to say I have a hard time w/bf in general past the age of 4-5 or school age. I am open to criticism and I am really interested to hear what others’ thoughts are.


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    Default Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    We'll be at 8months of EBF on the 22nd of this month. I had planned to be done at siz months when I got here, moved that to a year as soon as I realized I didn't have to make/introduce food as a substitute and can't see what might come then but am planning on allowing him to self wean!

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    Default Re: Poll: How long have you BF you LO?

    I have been bf-ing dd3 for about 5.5 months now...my 1st experience was horrible and I only made it 2 months, my second I made it 6 months and didn't know how to incorporate it with introducing foods...this time, I plan to make it a year...maybe longer...we'll see...I am sure dh will think I'm strange if I extend it past about 18 months, but I'll just probably take it at dd's pace.

    How old is too old?? I guess I'm not sure, but when I look at my 4 year old and think "breastfeed her still?" I think it to be well out of my comfort zone! She is old enough that she can practically get her own beverage (though her mommy doesn't let her yet) so I don't know that I'd be comfortable with her getting it from me...JMO. I don't have anything against those who do feed for that long...but it is just not for me.
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