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    I don't know if this is the right area. I have over 600 ounces of breastmilk in the freezer and would like to donate some of it. I live in the Northwest and don't know how to contact a milk bank. I only want to do one that is not for profit if that is possible. I'm thinking I can donate 100 ounces right now and probably a lot more later.

    What is the process? Has anyone done it? Which organizations are best?
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    Check out this link:


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    I have donated a lot of milk to HMBANA (link provided by PP). It has been a good experience.

    In order to donate, I had to have my doctor and LO's doctor sign a piece of paper saying that both my baby and I are healthy. I filled out a form for the milk bank that asked about my medical history. Then, I went to a local private lab (paid for my the milk bank) to get blood drawn to test for HIV and a couple other things. Then, once I was ready to donate, they sent me a cooler to pack and send back to them (shipping paid by them). They usually want 200-300 ounces in a shipment though, to make the shipping worthwhile for them. They use FedEx, so I just go to the Kinkos down the road from me to send it. It gets to them the next day. They are in North Carolina and I am in Georgia.

    Depending where you are, it looks like the closest one to you might be in BC.

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    Do you have extra milk? Consider donating!

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