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Thread: Is she weaning??

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    Default Is she weaning??

    DD will be 1 on the 26th and she has started to wean (I think). We are Epers and she had been taking 4oz 4 times a day. She is down to 3 x a day, and I think would skip her mid-day bottle in favor of more solids at lunch.

    Here is her schedule:

    6:45am 4 oz

    8:15am Yogurt w/fruit and cheerios

    10:30am Snack

    12:15pm Jarred baby food veggie and fruit

    12:45pm 4 oz

    3:15pm Snack

    6:30pm Jarred dinner and fruit

    7:15pm 4 oz

    Her snack if either banana, raw green beans, crackers, puffs, pretzels, wheat bread, goldfish... etc. I have been trying to add more solids at lunch and dinner so we can be done with the jarred foods.

    SO..... I would LOVE to start dropping a pumping session soon, but when will I know if I can try and drop another bottle. I would LOVE to be only pumping in the morning and at night by 15 months. Right now I am still pumping 6 x a day in order to get 3 4oz bottles (with an extra bottle for the next morning)

    So my questions are:

    When can I try and drop a bottle

    When can I drop a pumping session

    When can I try and add some whole milk to her BM in a sippy cup

    When can she be off the bottle? Should I try and give her BM in a cup instead of the bottle, so we can quit the bottle but still be getting BM??

    Thanks so much. As we get closer to weaning time, I am clueless and worried I will do something wrong and she will not be getting enough nutrition!!
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    Default Re: Is she weaning??

    Hi I don't have a whole lot of info for you, but I thought I'd bump this so other moms could add some input.
    If you'd like to cut down on pumping sessions, after a year is ok to give whole milk. You might cut the sessions first that are easier for her to give up and the hardest for you to pump. Slow is the way to go, when you are weaning from the pump. There are lots of thread's on the pumping board about weaning, but slowly decreasing the time you pump and/or the amount you pump is "how" you wean.
    You could probably go to a sippy cup whenever you wanted to, some moms do it all at once and some replace bottles with sippies over time. You know her well so you probably know the method that would work best for you guys.
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