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Thread: Nursing strike, 4th week. hopeless?

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    Hi all,

    well, i've done three things since my last post...

    1) I called the LLL leader... as it turned out she just had a baby! no wonder she didn't return the call, and I'm glad I didn't pester her earlier! She needs all the rest she can get without worrying about someone else's issues! She suggested that I go see our local lactation consultant... Talking to her did make me feel quite better...

    2) spoke to a lactation consultant... given our circumstances, she said that what I'm doing (not forcing her to nurse, but going slooooow, and easing back, baby-step back to nursing) is the way to go. so given that going from not even letting me hold her in a cradle position at the start, to the current state of allowing me to hold and rocker while topless is a great improvement... so.. just have to keep at it. and talking to her made me feel hopeful.

    3) so currently our routine is at the bedtime routine, we snuggle (or at least rock her) while she's in her PJ's and I'm topless... and that is going well. tonight, she even rested her cheeks on my breast for a while without complaining (then she turned away), so... improvement!

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    hang in ther mama!

    not sure if it's been suggested but have you tried a snuggle in warm bath together?
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    No advice but wanted to give you a You're doing great, hang in there
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    yup. tried the bath thing... and she's just having way too much fun in the tub that she is just not in any mood to snuggle!

    and after the bath, trying to snuggle doesn't work either since she's so energized (instead of relaxed!) she just wants to move...

    Her older brother is a tornado (non-stop high-velocity high-energy running around), so she seems to be picking up the energizer bunny routine too. weird, since neither of their parents are that hyperactive (nor ever was that hyperactive as kids!). Not sure where those genes came from... Unless, of course, hubby is hiding his past... hmmm.. may be time to get the "real" info from grandparents...

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