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Thread: eating 4 hours without stop

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    Default eating 4 hours without stop

    Hi there,
    being in my 38th week and still waiting. My friend had her 1st baby last week. The first 3 days at the clinic the baby was in the nursing room and the clinic's tactic was 5 times per to bring it to the mother. whenever the baby was at the room she was really calm, bf slow for one hour with no problem. I think she was already fed by formula. The last day she was allowed to have her in her room and the baby was crying all the time, she was bf her for 3 hours and the baby was still hungry, so the nurses took the baby in the nursery room. Now the baby is at home and my friend says that she feeds her for 3 hours without stop. The baby sleeps just a little bit and bfs her for hours(3-4 hours each time) .
    Now this is normal or it's bcause of the fact that she took fromula and chamomile at her first days?
    We are going to be in another clinic and have arranged to pay a fortune (thank god our parents gave the money for that) in order to have a rooming in, which means that IF the baby has no problem we will have her the 2nd day in our room until the 4th day when we'll leave the clinic. The baby will be under our responsibility. Now if the baby won't take formula after the 2nd day will she be able to be a better eater and no eat for 3-4hours each time ot this depends on the baby? By the way, mymidwife told me that i have inverted nipples and will have problem.

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    Default Re: eating 4 hours without stop

    I see you are in Greece and birthing centers sound different there, but, if you are bf'ing you don't want baby to formula feed at all. Here in the US it is common for baby to room in with mom from birth, if desired, for no more cost, (we still paid nursery fees for all the baby care the nurses provide and whatever else). Regardless, the more baby nurses the better your supply will be and baby won't learn that it's easier to take a bottle than a breast. I would find out why you have to have the baby out of your room at all. You need baby close to get this feeding started. and... baby may still nurse hour hours at a time because that's just what babies do... As for inverted nipples, I don't have an answer there, I'd get all the help you can BEFORE this baby arrives. BTW This is a good place to start.

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    Hi There!

    It's best if your baby does not have ANY formula at all, especially right after birth. Your body makes an "early" milk called colostrum that is perfect for newborns and helps prepare their digestive systems for the regular breastmilk. I strongly encourage you to dialogue with your healthcare providers about this!

    As for what is "normal" for a newborn--well, every baby is different. But newborns do eat a lot, and often! If you have any questions in the early days, contact us and we can help you

    Inverted nipples do NOT necessarily mean that you'll have trouble. Here is an article that can help you prepare to feed your baby:


    Hope that helps and keep us posted!
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    Default Re: eating 4 hours without stop

    It sounds like your birthing center is very different from the U.S. If they would allow you to nurse the baby and not take any formula that would be best. I think the recomendation is about 8-12 times a day for newborns. Talk to your doctors and nurses or the clinic and stress to them the importance of establishing your supply and that means not using any formula. As for nursing for 3-4 hours straight, that sounds like a lot. I nursed for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes in the begining with an hour break in between. It sounds like her supply could have been comprised by only having the 5 feedings in the begining. So nursing often and long periods will help to reestablish that. There is a lot of information on this site and support that can help. I also had inverted nipples, now they poke out about an inch. When they go in, you can squeeze them out. I know some people have luck with a nipple shield, but I didn't. You can purchase them on www.ebay.com. Lots of people ship internationally. Congratulations to you and your friend! What an exciting time to share together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mia'sMom
    I also had inverted nipples, now they poke out about an inch. When they go in, you can squeeze them out. I know some people have luck with a nipple shield, but I didn't. You can purchase them on www.ebay.com. Lots of people ship internationally. Congratulations to you and your friend! What an exciting time to share together.
    The link above given by LactoJen is a super one. Be very cautious about considering using a nipple shield. LLL states to only use them as a last resort if you've tried other methods and: "Nipple shields should only be used with the guidance of a lactation professional as they can lead to problems if not used properly." See also: Nipple shields and Nipple Shields . . . Friend or Foe?

    And all the advice posted above is excellent ... make sure the hospital nurses and doctors do not give your baby any formula (this is especially important in the early weeks). Studies show that "just one bottle" can be harmful to both the mother and baby by:

    Increasing the likelihood of serious allergy to cows' milk protein.
    Increasing the chance of bowel infection and diarrhea by changing the pH of the bowel. It may take up to a month to return to normal, safer levels.
    Causing nipple confusion--having difficulty latching to the breast.
    Affecting the delicate supply and demand balance.
    Increasing engorgement by not emptying the breasts.
    Decreasing the mother's confidence in her ability to feed her baby.
    Reducing the duration of breastfeeding.

    Good luck and congratulations to you both!!

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    Default Re: eating 4 hours without stop

    Thank you for your replies. It is nice to have people from all over the world having the same thoughts with you. Well, i won't use the nipple shields without help, even if i'll buy and probably will use - if needed- by the help of my midwives or the LLL consultant. Now another question: I found in Medela website something that takes out the nipple as natural as the baby does. Is it safe to use it?
    The 2nd and most important issue is the bottle and formula. There's no way to avoid formula feeding the first 2 days, except if i leave Greece. They don't understand or the clinics' tactics are conservative. The only think i can do is to pay double for the one bed room (plus another one for a relative) to have the baby with me 24 hours the last 2 days and they force me pay for another bed cause i have to have someone in my room to hepl me. can you imagine? They don't provide me more help. I have to deal with it alone and under my responsibility. At least, i feel really confortable and safe with my dr and my midwife that i don't get stressed with the delivery. I'm sure everything will be perfect . Greece now has great weather and i hope i will be able to go swimming to some great beaches. I feel great in the water and the baby seems to love it.

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