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Thread: 30 months old

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    Default 30 months old

    and still breastfeeding! I never honestly wanted to breastfeed until I knew this would be my last baby so I figured I would give it a try. I cant believe how much easier it is to breastfeed than bottle feed and I love the bond we have.

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    that's wonderful! with the bonding. There is nothing else like it!!!

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    born on 11/2/2006

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    Good job, mama!
    Just one more fanatical cloth diaper convert...
    Mom to Morgan (01/10/04) and Zachary (07/12/06)
    What are M & Z up to now?

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    Congrats & !!
    Steff, proud mom to:
    Ian (6) born naturally
    breastfed from 7/3/06 to 6/16/08
    Erin (4) born naturally (with Hypnobirthing)
    breastfed from 5/18/08 to around 5/18/10
    Seamus (3), my allergy baby, born naturally (with slacker Hypnobirthing) breastfed from 12/28/09 to 8/20/11
    Connor (1) breastfed from 12/28/11 to current

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    I am letting her decide when she is ready to wean. I have heard my share of comments about how I need to wean her but I have decided to turn a deaf ear. I am doing what is best for my child and I dont care what anybody thinks.

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    Good for you!!! We are coming up on 29 months and still going strong!

    "At the heart of motherhood is the kind of satisfaction unequalled in any other profession on earth."
    -Tina Neidlein

    Isaac- 1/1/01 Nursed only 4 months, had no idea what I was doing.
    Nathan- 4/28/03 preemie, 1 month NICU stay and still managed exclusive nursing for 6 months, better.
    Anna- 4/15/06 Self weaned just after turning 3.
    Baby girl due May 14th

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    Default Re: 30 months old

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    Way to go on nursing your lil one for 30 months!!! :
    Mama to my Rubies
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    I will carry you all my life
    And I will praise the one who's chosen me to carry you
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    The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart. *Helen Kellar*

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    Whoo Hoo and good for you mamma! I am going on 25 months and still going strong - I too plan to let my DC self wean. I so know what you mean about the comments to wean blah blah. Like you - turning a deaf ear. Well done and congratulations for nursing so long!

    Mother to Zayne 19/8/06 2.56kg

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