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Thread: night time engorgement

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    Default night time engorgement

    My DS is 11 weeks now and has been STTN on and off for a few weeks now. His sleep varies from 6 hours to 10 hours at night and I often wake up completely engorged. Doesn't your body eventually realize it needs to make less milk at night? If so... about how long does it take to do that? It's so nice to get more sleep but I often wake way before he does because my breasts are so full.

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    That's when I pump! I was so happy when my daughter started sleeping through the night because it gave me an opportunity to pump so I had extra BM for babysitters and such. My daughter usually wakes up around 10:30 or so and I am up by 7:30 - 8, so I pump and get an entire bottles worth before she wakes up and she never seems to not have enough 2 - 3 hours after. I think that my body got used to making more in the am. And I think the engorgement feeling will eventually go away even if you don't pump. It did for me even before I started pumping...hope this helps!

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    Your body is kind of at the boarderline right now where your supply becomes more demand driven rather than hormonally driven, so it might just take a bit more time. The fact that he varies from 6-10 hours probably isn't helping to regulate things, either. Usually, it just takes your body a few days to make the adjustment.
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