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Thread: will all night nursing ever stop

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    Default will all night nursing ever stop

    on its own? My son is 20 mos now and I really am reticent to do any type of "Program" to wean him but I'm tired . I can hang in there if it will get better but it hasn't yet? Well, a little better- but at this age he is still up multiple times a night and I don't really get any long stretches.

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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    Is he teething? If so, it might be best to wait. If not, you could do some things to encourage him to get back to sleep w/o nursing without following a program to the T. As always, you have to do what's best for your family. DS did get somewhat better on his own, but I also had to do some encouragement by shorting nursing, giving drinks of water, and trying to help him get back to sleep in other ways. It's still a work in progress, but better.
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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    I posted something similar to this earlier in the summer. A few people responded that their lo's self-night-weaned around 3/4 years of age. I decided I couldn't wait that long and so when my daughter was 18mo I night-weaned her with my version of the Dr. Jay Gordon method. I basically used his basic ideas and did less time for longer. It's worked fairly well, but we've gone back to night nursing when she was sick, teething, and we were away.
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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    I'm right there with you. My son is 1 & he eats as much at night now as when he was 1st born.
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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    My 20 month old has a hard time winding down and falling asleep...if she could, she'd nurse for HOURS. We co-sleep and we have a rule: when it's time to go night-night, she has to lay quietly, no acrobatic nursing. If the nursing is going on and on, I'll tell her, 'last time and nursing mommy is finished'. When she stops (usually to play with her toes or her animal or something), I roll over on my side and won't nurse her anymore. The first couple of times she got upset but she always will lay down, snuggled up right next to me and eventually she falls asleep. When she wakes up 3-4 hours later I'll nurse her back to sleep.

    I give alot to my DD, and I feel good about it. But I still need boundaries and my body is my own. This works for us.

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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    You are not alone. We cosleep & my soon to be 12-month-old is still up every 3-4hrs some nights. It worked initially, but now, dh & I need some rest! We've become accustomed to power naps. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    Ds1 self-weaned at around 19 months and still woke several times at night until he was 2. Ds2 is still nursing at 29 months. I forced myself to give up all caffeine when he was about 24-25 months and still waking a lot at night. He sleeps through most nights now.
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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    We decided to wean our boy in the night when he's about 13 months. When he cried in the night, we didn't go to get him and after less than 5 minutes, he went back to bed by himself. He woke up couple time during the night for couple days and finally he just slept throught the night. Now he's 15 months old and I still nurse him to sleep but he won't wake up in the night to nurse anymore. If he wakes up, he will cry a bit and then go back to sleep. If his dad puts him to bed, he won't even cry for milk because he knows that his dad can't give it to him. And now I get more sleep and be a lot happier mom.

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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    Right around 1 & 2 years of age there are MOLARS to be dealt with so that should be handled with some empathy. That kind of teething pain is never any fun for Baby or Mama.
    To the OP, you have not in 20 months found any kind of pattern? My son for the most part would wake 2-3x a night only if there was nothing wrong, That allowed me 3-4 hours blocks at a time. Which when compared to how many times I had to be up with him when he was sick or teething9every 45 minute to every 1.5 hours) always felt like a dream! Sometimes the night nursing would increase and I would not know why and then I would discover he was trying to fight off a sickness before it arrived.
    He is almost 33 months old now. For The most part he STTN. It happened very suddenly around 31 months. One thing that I think has contributed to that IS separate sleep space. I had always suspected that some of the night waking was due to the fact that we are essentially putting them to sleep on the floor of the bakery in that they can smell our milk. The difference between the 2 vs. 3x a night was mainly due to whether or not I would go to sleep with him initially vs. trying to slide in later. The later slide in always ended with a wake up and nurse. He'd smell me.
    What we started doing was I would nurse him to sleep on the couch.And then once alseep my DH would take him and lay him down in the bed. Something I could NEVER do without him waking enough to want to nurse. Once he was in there, I would just go to sleep away from him. In another room. He'd stay asleep. Another thing that works is if we fall asleep on the couch. I get up and go sleep at the other end. That way he gets the benefit of some human touch but the breast are far enough away not to wake him.

    Again this is most of the time. I had a night last week where I left him in 3 different spots in the house and he got up each time and found me. In another room in the dark. So if he he NEEDS to nurse he still can. But if he he doesn't need to, as much as I have enjoyed 3 and 4 hour blocks of sleep over the last 3 years, 6hour blocks are even sweeter! So yes there is an end. I personally wouldn't even look for it until you have broken through both sets of molars because those sometimes take a month or more to get through. And they really hurt and they really needs us. But once the teeth are there, start experimenting with separate sleep space!HTH!

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    Default Re: will all night nursing ever stop

    Hi there mama, my DS was a constant waker from birth until about 20 months when I initiated night weaning. There was no rhyme or reason that I could figure out and I think I tried everything! The longest stretch he would ever go is 2 hours...as it got closer to morning, he would wake every 45 minutes or so...I tried not to count or look at the clock, but I think he was waking up at least 6 times and often more!

    My nightweaning consisted of telling him that "boo boos" were going to sleep at night when DS goes to sleep and mama goes to sleep and the moon goes to sleep. I offer water when he wakes in the middle of the night. It's been 2 1/2 months since we've been doing this and his longest stretch is usually 6 hours, ocassionally longer. I wish he'd hold off until a reasonable hour, like 6 am, but by 5:15 or so, he refuses any water, or snuggling or anything, so after a few minutes I let him nurse and we get a couple more hours of sleep.

    The newest thing I've tried to offer him at night is to just hold the "boo boos"...so when he wakes up, I say, "boo boos are sleeping but you can hold them"...then he says out loud "hold'em"...cute, and it seems to be working...

    FWIW, in our case, I don't think teething has ever been an issue that contributed to night weaning- he never seems to be in any pain...I think he just loves nursing soooo much and is not always interested in eating solids so he knew that his "boo boos" were always there on demand.

    I'm so much happier and saner now with more sleep.

    Do what you need to to take care of mama and baby...


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