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Thread: 16 months old, 16.5 pounds

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    Keep doing what your doing and keep those two feedings. If there is something else going on or she has to be in the hospital, she's going to need that comfort. It sounds like she's still reaching milestones and is very active. My DD, 17months, is high on the % charts, but she keeps falling and doesn't gain more than a pound every three months (she's crazy active). Keep going, your a wonderful mother and you have a beautiful child.
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    That is a good short article on kellymom about calories in breastmilk
    Does the amount of fat in mom's milk make a difference when it comes to baby's growth?

    The research tells us that baby's milk intake (the volume of milk - not the amount of fat in that milk) is the only thing that has been correlated with infant growth in exclusively breastfed babies. As noted earlier, average fat content of human milk is highly variable, but has not proven to be significant when calculating baby's total energy intake or weight gain. (Aksit 2002, Butte 1984, Cregan 1999, Mitoulas 2003, Mitoulas 2002.)

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    I am a little concerned about my own LO who is also off the bottom of the chart, but not as far as your LO. My Dr has also been very much blaming breastfeeding, but also I don't feel they have been very nursing supportive overall so I've mostly dismissed it.

    This happened to a friend of mine- her daughter was off the growth charts and falling. Pediatrician mostly blamed mom for 1 to much nursing and 2 when she was weaned, not enough food. At 3, they moved. Their new pediatrician tested her daughter's stool, found something which indicated she wasn't digesting cows milk. When I saw her after 8 months of being dairy free I could not believe how much taller and more filled out she was.

    I also know that celliac (gluten intollerance) can cause poor weight gain.

    I would try taking either all non human dairy or all gluten foods out of your daughters diet for a 6 weeks and see what happens.

    Blood tests for allergies are pretty good for finding anaphallactic type reactions but don't diagnose intollerances which can cause damage to the villi in the intestines.

    I think drs suggest taking out Breastmilk first because to them it seems the simplest thing to get rid of.

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you all for the support. I'm pretty determined to find a way to not wean her until we're both good and ready :-)

    So... looks like cow's milk is a problem, good call Susan, They did a "reducing substances" test on her poop and concluding she's not digesting her food well. She did get a negative Celiac panel test, thank heavens. So... lactose intolerant and mystery solved maybe? But who knows if this is the end or if the poor digestion is caused by something even scarier? I put a new thread under chronic illness baby now that I have some idea what might be wrong!

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    Hi I just wanted to add that instead of pediasure which contains milk, maybe you could try DUOCAL. DUOCAL is a supplement powder which is high in fat and calories and it is tasteless so you can add it to any moist food or drink. DD is also small and she too weighed 16lbs at her 12month visit. She is 14 months now and we go back next month for her next weigh in. I have been putting DUOCAL in everything she eats and I think it is helping a lot and I just wanted to share another way of adding calories without milk as an ingredient, DD has a milk protein allergy and this was the only thing I could find to add a substantial amount of calories to her food with out being milk based. Good luck with your little one.

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