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    I have to go away for work. It is just over night but I am still worried about it. I just don't want to leave my baby... Anyway I have to and I am going. I leave on a TH am and fly back home on a Fri pm. I am going to have to pump a ton because mom son usually nurses around the clock besides when I am at work. I am planning on calling the airlines to see if I have to check the milk to bring it back or if I can carry it on. I know I have to have a cooler but I am curious what I should do besides that? Use dry ice, just a lot of normal ice in the cooler with the milk? I do not think that I have a fridge in my hotel room and I know that I will not have access to a freezer. If I do need dry ice do I buy it at home and fly it there? I don't have a car where I am going so going around trying to find dry ice will not be possible.

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    I remember seeing this response for someone else traveling without their child. I hope it helps.



    This is the link for traveling with bm. Basically you have to declare you have it to the security personnel when they inspect your belongings. They never did additional inspections on the breastmilk I took with me. I put it in the small medela or evenflow bottles I pump into with a gel pack in an insulated bag. I have heard dry ice is good for keeping the milk cold too. Because of how I did it, I took fresh milk because you are supposed to use frozen milk within 24 hours of it defrosting and I did not think it would stay frozen with just a gel pack. Dry ice may work better for that, though. Either bottles or the breastmilk bags should be fine for storage. You probably only need to bring enough for the first day because you will have to pump when you are away from your lo to replace the bottles she is getting anyway.

    Have a great trip!

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