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Thread: Frustrated

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    I have been having similar issues with my LO occasionally in the evenings. Last night he was acting that way and then he had a large BM. I think it was the gas bothering him.

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    Sometimes I do think its gas, she used to pull her legs in more and kind of arch out but other times its more like she's just angry with my breast. I have talked to my local leader (happens to be my LC) and she had voiced concern with the latch initially and thought I had OALD/OS. My LO is now 11# 2 oz and is just over 7 weeks, she was 7# 4 oz at birth. She gained 9 oz this last week alone. Over the past few days it seems like she's getting a little better (hope I didn't jinx myself) so maybe she's growing out of it a little? I am actively working to get her latched properly each and every time but she tends to move around until she gets the latch she likes.
    Thanks for all of your help and ideas, its nice to know that I'm not alone and that I have so much support!

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