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Thread: Finally sleep!!!! Now multiple plugged ducts

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    Default Finally sleep!!!! Now multiple plugged ducts

    Careful what you wish for . . . !!! My lo is 7 1/2 months old and finally slept for more than three hours and now I am paying the price. I think I have as many plugged/clogged ducts as hours he slept straight the last two nights.

    So . . . please help me! I could definitely do w/o this pain. I used to get them before and was always, always able to rid them w/in 48 hours. They are a bit stubborn this time. I soak in hot water, as hot as can tolerate and then pump (used to work like a charm). I lay a heating pad on me in bed to be ready for when he nurses, and started taking lecithin. I have one duct I have been battling for a week (skipped a normal session for a function I had to attend).

    I have no symptoms of Mastitis - fever, chills, redness, etc.

    I am guessing this normal since he is also eating solids well and nursing tremendously less. If I can get him to nurse for 10 minutes total any other time except bed time its a good day! This from my ds who used to nurse for an hour at a time each and every time!

    Should I also alternate w/ cold compresses?

    I would appreciate any suggestions to get things . . . flowing!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Finally sleep!!!! Now multiple plugged ducts

    Hi Dianna
    Do be careful and keep draining your breasts. My ds started sleeping 2-3 hrs during the day (he used to nurse hourly in the day) just last Thursday. I wasn't conscientious enough to regularly pump and had multiple blocked ducts like you. Then there was one particular one that was very stubborn and wouldn't clear despite massaging and trying to drain it several times a day. Came down with a fever yesterday afternoon when suddenly my breasts were inflamed. Was diagnosed as having early stage of mastitis! I did not have any flu-like symptoms, just felt very tired when the fever comes on. On antibiotics now and feel really terrible (chills, heavy-headed, headache) when the fever returns. I pray I will be alright soon!
    Perhaps you may want to see an LC to help clear the stubborn blocked duct. I am seeing mine tomorrow morning. Take care!

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