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Thread: Pulling away, back arching, less intake 7 months and constipation! (long)

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    Exclamation Pulling away, back arching, less intake 7 months and constipation! (long)

    LO will be 7 months on Thursday. I had asked some questions about this before, and we realized that we think in combo with this, he was having a late reaction to rotovirus immunization, which can be several days after exposure. He was sleepy and appeared ill in conjuction with this. Now he is just his normal sleepy.

    LO just in last month or so has changed nursing habits. I am planning to start weaning at end of October and have him weaned by Christmas, hopefully. Daddy thinks this will be good. I am not looking forward to it, but nursing is becoming a wrestling and fighting match. I am looking forward to more freedom, and I guess if he gets some breastmilk through ten months, it was much more than I ever thought I could accomplish.

    LO is taking less at the breast than he used to. I can just tell from the length of feeds. He tends to pop on and off, but a lot of times he barely takes milk and then immediately starts fussing, pulling away, and arching his back. His weight gain dropped at last visit, which we attributed to no solids due to constipation issues, which are ongoing. I have started feeding pears every day, and it helps a little. Now I have introduced prunes, and he still is going marbles. He was eating two jars a day, I have cut back to one, and still he is not nursing any better.

    So, I am confused at these nursing sessions. First thing in the morning he does fine, no back arching, nurses well, etc. It gets worse through out the day. He works himself into a fit, and wriggles around, then when I do manage to get him going again, he chokes and coughs, making himself madder.

    Lately I have had to pump and give bottles for certain occasions, and LO will often take up to 4 ounces a session. At night, daddy always gives a bottle, and he has taken up to 5 1/2 ounces. I am concerned that he is taking more at the bottle. I have heard that some will do this because it is an easier way to feed, but with our son he really in the past took similar amounts at breast and bottle. He started taking more from the bottle at about five months. I am concerned that he is taking more from the bottle because he trully is hungry, and for some reason the breast is causing an issue. It seems that way at least. It's not exactly a strike, more of a protest? I have always been an advocate that baby will nurse when he needs to and eat what he wants and needs, but I trully think now that he is not.

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    Default Re: Pulling away, back arching, less intake 7 months and constipation! (long)

    Good to know someone else has this problem! My 6 1/2 month boy does the same thing. He mainly started this when I went back to work when he was about 3 months old. I have done so much pumping it is not funny! I finally decided to be happy with the morning-only nursing session and now pump 2x more per day. Of course, then my supply went WAAAAY down and I almost have nothing now. I have decided to keep trying in the morning and to use the pumped milk with the cereal. He loves cereal and I know he is getting my milk with that. Is he getting lots of bottles? You might try sneaking the breast to him when he is sleepy during the day, since that works well in the morning.

    As for constipation, the oatmeal baby cereal seems to be better with our baby. And of course, breast milk helps with that, too. Pears, prunes and peaches have all helped baby T.

    I felt so guilty about him not breastfeeding as well as he did when I was at home. My goal was to BF 6 months and then when we got there, I wanted to go a year...I wasn't ready to quit! So, now I've decided to just BF whenever he will take and pump some (not as much as before). At least we will still have that time together. Yes, working is good for the bills, but it sure is hard to do and breastfeed successfully, in my opinion. Good luck to you.

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