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Thread: Biting...PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Exclamation Biting...PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hello all...I am Mommy to Z, a 7 mo. and we are in serious need of some advice!! Z has had her two bottom teeth for a about a month and a half and we are just now having a major biting issue. I am a in no way planning on giving up breast feeding but I am in serious pain! Z has been doing A LOT of biting the past few days. I know at her age, saying "No" has no effect and I obviously do not want to hurt her in any way, I just really need some advice on how to stop her from biting me constantly. I fear that when she gets some top teeth, she may bite clear through my nipple!! Please help!! TIA

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    wow, i can see you are quite alarmed at this. Don't worry. You can start saying no when she bites. Z may look up and smile and think its a big joke, but whenever she does it just say no. Or slip your little finger between her gums to unlatch her.
    I remember being sceptical when i read that if my baby was properly latched on it would be difficult for her to bite,but surprisingly this was true. if she was really interested in food, her mouth would be wide open and biting would not be an option.
    my baby is 14months now. i don't breastfeed any more except sometimes if she just wants the breast for comfort. especially at nights. But i find she bites when she's tired and sleepy.
    have you noticed a trend with Z's biting?

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    8 1/2 MO LO does this when he is not hungry and i force him to take the breast. So, I have stoped this and wait until he is hungry to eat.

    When he is well latched, he cannot bite, so watch his mouth and as soon as you see that Z is ready to bite, just put your finger and unlatch.

    When Z bites, unlatch, say 'NO' in a serious manner and show that you are not playing!She will stop soon.

    Good luck!!

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    heres a link that might help


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    Thank you all for the help. I am really concerned about the biting as it is happening so frequently, and really had a fear of having to give up breast feeding. Giving up is one thing I just can't see myself doing.

    I now see a light at the end of the tunnel!! I read the article suggested by "andreafromohio" and it was very helpful!! I found it extremely helpful and plan to try some of the tips. I have already been telling her "NO!" in a stern voice and will continue with that as well as anything else I can try.

    I think she has a tendency to bite when she is tired.

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