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Thread: 10 month old refuses to breast/bottle feed

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    Default 10 month old refuses to breast/bottle feed

    My 10m old boy got a cold and could not breastfeed or take the bottle for about 10 days. He has recovered now but absolutely refuses to have breastmilk from the breast, from the bottle, or from a sippy cup. He will drink water from the bottle or sippy cup. I do not know what to do. I try to sneak breastmilk into his solids, but he just is not getting as much as he used to/should. Sometimes, I try to spoonfeed the breastmilk; this sometimes works but both he and I get tired of trying to feed 4oz of milk several times a day, not to mention the amount that drips all over the place and goes to waste.

    Is he trying to wean himself??

    As a sidenote, we increased his solid intake upon suggestion from the doctor. Could this cause his breastmilk refusal?

    I can only breastfeed him during sleep or when he is too drowsy to refuse. Did I do something wrong? Even so, why refuse from a bottle? He has been used to taking it from a bottle since 2 months of age when I returned to work.

    Appreciate help.

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    Default Re: 10 month old refuses to breast/bottle feed

    This sounds like a nursing strike, and no you didn't do anything wrong! Unfortunately, sometimes things like illness can cause a baby to strike. A baby under a year old will very rarely wean himself.

    Here's some more information on strikes and what you can do to help him get back to the breast. Since his primary source of nutrition should still be breastmilk you might consider slowing down on the solids and trying to get him to take more milk for you. Maybe you could freeze your milk and do a slushie with your milk by spoon, that would help with the spills and he might like the cold/crunchy texture.
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