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Thread: flat nipples and pumping? affect pump results?

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    Default flat nipples and pumping? affect pump results?

    I'm just going to jump right in. I have flatness issues (had to wear shells and shields for the first couple of weeks and pump)
    Can this issue affect pumping? I was looking at pictures to see about correct sizing for the pump and my nipples only come out a fraction of the amount that the picture showed.. I'm having issues with getting much out of the pump and then have issues with supply after pumping..
    I just bought a new pump in style because my old one's (made the mistake of buy a used one....) motor didn't have much suction.
    This pump still doesn't feel like it sucks very well... I always turn it all the way up and can hardly feel it and my nipple doesn't come out much.. Is it just my breast makeup, the pump, or the shield size?

    Help please!

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    Default Re: flat nipples and pumping? affect pump results?

    If it feels like it's not sucking at all - I'd check all your pump parts and make sure everything is working correctly. You can call your pump manufacture and they can help you troubleshoot as well.
    Flange size can also cause this, if they are too big you wont get the suction that you need!
    I'm sure it's not you! If your not feeling suction (and you WOULD feel suction even if your nipple didn't come all the way out) then something is wrong with the pump, or the flanges are probably not the right size.
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