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Thread: Enough Wet Diapers....

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    Lightbulb Enough Wet Diapers....

    Hi I have a concern that hopefully is just me as always overthinking stuff, in regards my baby.... he is a healthy 5mo 2weeks 19lb 9oz baby... he just had his 4 mo. old vaccinations on 8/28 , ( I wanted to wait a little before having them done ) any who...... he is a very happy baby, rolling over , almost crawling .. more backwards than forward, but sometimes I notice that he doesn't have this very heavy wet diapers, and I'm BF him on demand once I'm home , he feeds EBM at daycare, (only in daycare for 4 hours) at day care he has two feedings, one at 11am and then at 2:00-2:30ish... each feeding is 4.5oz EBM. but day care still says he doens't have this heavy Wet diapers like the girls do??? and yesterday I changed him at 7pm and he went to bed nice and happy after I breastfed him again, and when I went to pick him up at 12 midnight the diaper still felt so dry... so I worried all night.... is my baby dehidrated?? this morning I feed him around 5 and his diaper was wet then. but between 7pm -12 midnight isn't it too long to be with out a wet diaper?? or is it that the diaper is just too good to disguise wetness. he uses Pampers, Cruisers....I'm desperate and worried about my little one I would appreciate any input, he is my second baby , but my first was born almost 10 years ago.... so he feels like my first..... thanks again. and sorry so long.....

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    about that age I think they start to hold it longer...
    as long as their pee is clear and not stinky.
    Your doing fine!

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    My lo is a pee holder also! He is crazy how long he will go inbetween peeing. All babies are a little different. All the info about how many wet dipes is really guidlines, nothing is written in stone.
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