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Thread: Help Baby falls asleep!!!!

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    Default Help Baby falls asleep!!!!

    Hi there,
    I am new mom learning lots. I am afraid the little man is not getting enough. When it is fedding time especially at night, he will feed for just a few minutes and fall dead asleep. As soon as I put him down he is up with in five minutes wanting more. What can I do to make sure he gets a full feeding at one time, instead of over a two hour period?

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    Congrats on your new baby boy!!! You are doing a great thing for your baby. Have you tried stripping him down to just his diaper? I've heard that you can also try tapping the bottom of the feet... . How old is your baby? It is possible that he might also be seeking comfort which is not unusual for a new baby. He needs all the closeness of mama that he can get.

    This article can tell you if baby is getting enough milk.

    I know you will get some help from other mama's too! I HTH a little.
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    To help my DD tank up better, I would have to sing fast songs, tickle her (her feet, behind her ears) and just basically do whatever I could to keep her awake until she just absolutely wouldn't nurse anymore. It's a pain, but they outgrow it really quickly, then you struggle to get them to sleep! Good luck!

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