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Thread: Scalding does not see to work!!! Help

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    Default Scalding does not see to work!!! Help

    I have read all the posts about scalding and have tried all the temps with my bottle warmer. My baby still will not hardly drink the milk. She takes more than before I found out about my lipase issue. But she still acts like something is wrong with the milk? Can someone tell me exactly what I am doing wrong? I heat the milk to 145, set my timer for 1 minute, then once it gets to 145 - 150 for 60 seconds, take it out of warmer and put in ice bath. Then I refrigerate. The next day I reheat and try to give it to my baby, and she may drink an ounce and then refuse to drink anymore. I have also tried to heat to 165 and 180, same think with both.

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    Default Re: Scalding does not see to work!!! Help

    Some babies have a hard time taking a bottle, or outright refuse it even if there's never been a lipase issue. If she's taken a bottle from you before, then it's possible she's not too excited about the milk from the bottle and would instead prefer it from you?
    Also sometimes lipase can cause a bottle strike!

    Does she need to take the bottle while with you? Are you exclusively pumping for her?
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