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Thread: Having a drink and nursing

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    Purely anecdotal as to what I felt comfortable with and what my Dr. advised: I didn't drink at all before my daughter was 3 months, and now I have a half-glass of wine a couple of times a week. I don't time it around nursing since my daughter nurses so often, but I tend to make that half-glass last a couple of hours.

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    I too enjoy and drink once in awhile, and I researched it for hours when my son was first born. What I learned was that if you no longer feel the effects of the alcohol, then it should be fine, and that less than 2% of the alcohol consumed goes through your milk. Also pumping and dumping does nothing as alcohol flows through your milk, it doesn't sit there. What I do if I want to have a drink is I will feed him, and either have a drink right after, or even during the feeding, because it takes 30 min or so for the alcohol to reach your milk anyway. I wait 3 hours before feeding again, and limit my alcohol intake to 1 drink. If I am going to have any more I will put him to bed for the night, where I know he will not want to nurse for atleast 5-6 hours.

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