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Thread: Sore nipples

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    Unhappy Sore nipples

    My son is almost 3 weeks, and at first things were going great. the nurses at the hospital said he is properly latched, and he still latches the same way as when he was first born, so i dont think thats the problem, I think he just sucks too vigerously. At first it wasnt a problem, but about 4 days ago my left nipple started hurting for the first few sucks, then it would not hurt anymore. now my right nipple is starting to hurt too just at first like the left one did, and now the left one hurts the entire time. every suck feels like my nipple is having little needles put into it!

    I hate nursing now, it hurts so bad! and today i looked closely at my nipple, trying to figure out why they started hurting all of a sudden, and I noticed that on both of them, at the base of the nipple, theres a small cut. No wonder if felt like my nipples where being torn off! Also, I always use the same position to breastfeed him, because i dont really like the other positions, they are not confortable.

    the cut on the left is a little bigger than the cut on the right, and im worried that they wil only get worse and i'll have to stop breastfeeding. I am considering pumping, but my sister says that hurts too and another friend said she spends 5 hours a day pumping.

    I dont know what to do, I dont want to stop using one side because then I might not produce enough milk with that side and the other side might get worse faster. I dont have 5 hours a day to spend on pumping. and I really dont want to use formula

    What should I do?

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    FIrst of all you've come to the right place.. we'll all do what we can to help you through

    Second - have you tried calling a local leader or someone that can look at your latching?

    This and this link from trusted resource outside of LLL might offer some useful info as might this LLL link

    Let us know
    Click here to find an LLL leader near you...or call 1 877 4 LA LECHE for help now.

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    A lot of times, if you have had pain-free nursing (like it seems you had at first), then thrush is something to look into as a cause. Here's more info on thrush http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...resources.html It's definitely something that is treatable and you can continue to breastfeed.
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