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Thread: When will it slow down?

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    My husband will not wake up for anything either and I have had all 3 of my kids cosleep w/us. I went and bought a bedrail and if I fall asleep nursing her while she is in the middle I keep her tucked in the crook of my arm so hubby can't get to her.

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    It sounds like teeth to me. Not only does that increase their night wakings and need to eat but often children experience strange discomfort cause by being flat on their back.Try napping with her but putting her at a 45 degree angle. You can do this with pillows or the make these crib pad that are a wedge that give the baby a incline, They are made for babies with reflux but they might work for you? ( I co-slept and we used a ton of pillows but you may not feel safe doing that.)
    So I'd try that for naps and also try giving her some Tylenol or Motrin. If you get a long stretch of sleep back, it's probably teeth. It's the worst pain they have experienced in their short little lives. They would rather sleep through all of it.So try a couple of things but know that if it is teeth, your child is getting actual pain relief from the oxcytocin that's in your breastmilk. So its a line yu walk. We all get there. The increased night nursings to the point of resentment. It's no fun. But yu just walk a line I didn't want to give him Motrin EVERY night but I found that if I could just get 3 hours in a row, I would be in fighting shape for a couple more days. So see if it's teeth and then find y0ur balance within the things you have available to you to help. Hylands teething tablets helped us during the day. For a less fussy baby. But for actual blocks of sleep, it took the Tylenol or Motrin HTH!.

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    My BF was afraid to cosleep with her baby too...but she knew that she needed to do it for her sanity. They got one of those cosleepers that attach to the bed and she loves it.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll look into the bedrails.

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    sounds like teething to me too. My dd nurses ALOT till she was about 9 months old.. okay well she still nurses alot. She is 15 m and nurse 4-6 times a day still.. if she is teething or sick she always nurses more. Your dd sounds perfectly normal to me. With my daughter I noticed a very gradual decrease in nursings.. I think it was around 7-8 times at 12 months old

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