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Thread: fussiness as only symptom of allergy?

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    Default Re: fussiness as only symptom of allergy?

    I PM'd you our experience.

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    Default Re: fussiness as only symptom of allergy?

    Well I guess I can't offer much help in that dept. then because my DS had many symptoms that pointed to allergy... fussiness wasn't one of them later on. Early on it was but through different techniques, including an elimination diet it virtually all ceased.

    Any signs of reflux for him?
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    Default Re: fussiness as only symptom of allergy?

    I honestly thought for the first 8 or 9 years of my daughter's life that she was just high maintenance. She was very fussy as a baby, screaming like with colic until she was 5 months old, tantrumming at least once a day, a really narrow comfort zone, terrible god-awful sleeper. She took forever to go to sleep. It involved hours of us jumping around with her, thumping her back, while still simultaneously snuggling her in a pitch dark silent room. And then she would sleep for an hour at a time. It was horrible. Not to say she wasn't a sweet sunny kid. She was! It was just like she was... tortured, possessed, something. Anyway, we muddled through as best we could. She met all her milestones, grew appropriately, was really cute and interactive. But not suited for school. Her personality was such that we pulled her out and homeschooled her starting in kindergarten. And so it remained until age 8 or 9, when, she got sick and just couldn't shake it.

    She'd been under the weather for months, no specific bug, just sickly. Our doctor finally just recommended cutting out dairy and gluten from her diet to give her body a chance to detox and not work so hard. She was already vegetarian, so we were to just feed her veggies, nuts and fruit for a while. And she DID get better. But the biggest thing was that we noticed after a couple of months that she was more relaxed, happier, not tantrumming. And her sensory integration disorder had all but disappeared.

    Several months later, maybe age 10, she had some cake (made with wheat flour), and very shortly thereafter, got angry and emotional. She spent a long time crying in the bathroom trying to get dressed, but couldn't because her skin felt bad when it was touched and her hair was hurting her where it brushed against her neck. This culminated in an hour of screaming at the top of her lungs and banging her head on the floor. And each time after that that she has had gluten, we have seen a return to her "old" self: angry, sullen, physically sensitive, weepy.

    We've not bothered getting her tested, since it's expensive and seems redundant. We know how to keep it from happening - avoid gluten.

    I wish I had known about food sensitivities earlier. I just think about how different her really formative years could have been if she had been comfortable.

    When my son started getting fussy, I knew fairly early to look at food, and discovered that, like my daughter, he also cannot handle gluten (behavior issues - crying, fussing, screaming, unable to be pleased). However, unlike her, he also has several other sensitivities which manifest as digestive trouble, incontinently peeing a ton, and rashes.

    Food Lab has been a huge help to me. The people on there can help with diet ideas, recipes, food sensitivities that often go hand-in-hand (gluten and dairy sensitivities are frequently paired, and babies who have dairy issues are often sensitive also to soy), etc. I wholeheartedly recommend joining and talking to others there!

    I hope my expanded story helps clear up something for you! If not, keep asking. I know you'll find your answer. Good luck!

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    Default Re: fussiness as only symptom of allergy?

    Thanks, duckpond - that clears it up for me very well! While my DD1 could easily be considered "high maintenance" and was colicky for the first 3 months, it seems to stop there. She's been at dcp since she was 3 months old and does very well. She also does not seem to have sleep issues (another story) like you describe anyway - or real uncontrollable anger. Thanks for sharing your experience

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    Default Re: fussiness as only symptom of allergy?

    my william was very high needs....
    I had alot of the same fealings that you did..
    He never slept more then 3 hours at a time untill he was about a year old.
    IT was terriable.
    I don't know about baby wearing or ap at that time.
    I just did the best I could do with him.

    He cried in the car, he sceamed in the stroller.
    But you know what hes 12 now and the best big kid ever.
    Hes cares about the fealings of others and he seams to be able to smooth over fights at school and such.

    have you thought about cutting out soy and seeing if that helps?
    Some kids that are bothered by cows milk are also bothered by soy.
    I know that you wouldn't have much left to eat if you not eating meat.

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    Default Re: fussiness as only symptom of allergy?

    Have they check him for some sort of a sensory disorder? Does he seemed bothered by bright lights and loud noises? Is it quiet at home or is the tv always on or the radio on etc???? I have never met a baby that was always fussy at 9 months old. I would think something is bothering him. Maybe an allergy to a pet at home??

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    Default Re: fussiness as only symptom of allergy?

    I know... I am really starting to worry that something is wrong... like I said, none of my friends with babies can identify with my issues at all. One of the most frustrating things is the unpredictability of the fussiness... we went to a very busy large store the other day for almost an hour and he did totally fine and was happy, normal, etc and then to the mall for another long outing (holding our breath the whole time) and he was also totally fine in the stroller. At other times in these situations he is very fussy.

    If this goes on for another couple months we are going to get an eval.

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