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Thread: Baby Won't Eat At Daycare

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    I have a 9 month old baby. She has been in daycare since she was 6 months and has never eaten more than 8-10 ounces during a 10-hour day at daycare. She does eat cereal for breakfast and plain yogurt with fruit for lunch. She was reverse feeding but then I was drowsy driving (which was unsafe) so got her to sleep through the night but she still wasn't eating during the day much. She weights 18 pounds and 7.6 ounces. Between June, July, and mid-August she gained only 10 ounces but then during a week of vacation with me she gained an entire pound, almost like making up for lost time. Now since she's been back in daycare after vacation she's eating even less now - they are lucky to get 4 or 5 ounces in her. I sent my mother who breastfed all of us over to check things out and she said they are very responsive to her but she pushes the milk away. I'm thinking of going back to all-night feeding so I can at least know she is eating, but then I end up drowsy as anything and my milk goes down from lack of sleep. Any advice?

    Our current routine is that when she wakes up around 2 am I bring her to bed so she feeds sporadically until about 7. I then feed her at 7 on one breast while I pump the other. I take her to daycare after that and either feed her when I'm there but she's usually not that hungry then. I leave 16 ounces and she comes home having just drank 5 of them. Amazingly, my husband can get a few more ounces in her when they get home. I get home at 6:30 and then I feed her twice before bed again. Any advice? I'm concerned she'll end up with health problems.

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    My nine month old only drinks 6-7 ounces a day at daycare. He eats some cereal in the am and a solid at lunch. He is a slow grower but his ped said it is nothing to worry about. He nurses two times after work sometimes three and then on and off all night. We co-sleep too so this is fine with me. He nurses before daycare in the am. I was going to the daycare to nurse him during my lunches every day but that got expensive with the price of gas. I worry about this to and really have nothing to offer here except for a similiar situation!

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    Was your Dr. concerned w/ her weight gain? How is her diaper output? And is she meeting milestones?
    Maybe they could try giving her ebm in a sippy or regular cup as oppposed to a bottle. Or try different stage nipples.

    Can you try co-sleeping a few nights per week or maybe just the weekends? Then you could get some extra sleep the other nights.

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    She gets all of her wet diapers and is hitting her milestones although she doesn't crawl yet. I do worry about BMs since they seem to slow when she isn't drinking much during the day. Her doctor was not worried and told me not to worry but that of course didn't work. She actually has never taken a bottle. She drinks out of a sippy cup - the only one she'll drink out of. Good idea on cosleeping on the weekends. Any other ideas are much appreciated.

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    make sure all her solids are big bang for the buck solids....


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    Its said that before a baby turns 1 they should drink their milk before eating their solids. Its because the milk has more calories and this is how LO gains weight. Ask your DCP if they are giving LO milk before or after they give your baby solids? This can make a big difference. If they say after ask them to give the milk before they feed the baby solids. You'll start to notice that you'll bringing home less milk. Don't worry it'll be fine. It sounds like LO has a good appetiate and has been getting full off the food before getting the milk. That's probably why they drink so little at daycare.

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    I don't have much advice for you but can sympathize! My lo is 6.5 mos old and has been either home with dad or in day care since he was 3 mos. He used to take a bottle just fine but now takes only about 4oz on average the 10 hours he is at day care. Whether he'll eat any solids is hit or miss. He is absolutely reverse cycling as I nurse him about 3-4 times between pick-up and bedtime and then about 3 times throughout the night. We do not co-sleep, although I may have to resort to that as I'm exhausted. I would love to reverse the reverse cycling. To the mom who got her reverse cycler to sleep though the night - HOW??? Part of me thinks that if he slept through the night, he'd eat during the day.
    I hope you have more luck than I've been having!

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