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    it's a shame we have to go back to work - but its worse that we have to go back so quickly - I was shocked to learn that other places are different- I believe it was Sweden and a few other places give up to 18 months maternity leave and its PAID!! and they also give more paternity leave for dads too or you can opt which one of you takes it!

    I would have a much easier time if I could get 18 months or even 6-7 months of pure baby bonding time before returning. and it would help to have moms back to a more non post pardum frame of mind as well

    work is why I buy lottery tickets each week.....

    just know you are not alone!!!!!!! we FEEL YOU!!
    Sha Nay Nay
    = working mom

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    All the time. I know that it is really what DH wants, too, but we need the $ that I bring in.

    It totally sucks.

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