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Thread: Rice cereal Ok before 6 months old??

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    well, I started both my older children on rice cereal at 4 months...we don't have any allergies on either side of the family and that was 'ok' with my doctor then...now they say wait until 6 months, but from what I understand it is more because of trying to prevent the risk of allergies than anything else. (at least that is what my dr. said) My doctor told me that I should wait until six months but my dd has been growing very very slowly and there was beginning to be some concern. I asked her about cereal, and she said I 'could' though she was hesistant. I started dd at about 5 months, as she was already sitting up and is just about crawling...I can't believe how much she loves it!! I think it is all about the individual child..will an extra month of solids hurt my child? Probably not because it hasn't replaced a single nursing session. Just watch your child...just as you don't watch the clock with nursing, don't watch the calendar with solids..they know when they are ready, and when they are, you will know as well. I think that typically they will let you know if you are starting too early because they won't like it!! I did try dd3 on rice cereal at 4 months and she made horrible faces...so we didn't try it again until 5 months and we tried avocado and she absolutely LOVES to eat her solids now!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by geez_louise
    i doubt babies have an internal clock, that alarms inside them the second they turn 6 months old and makes solids ok, kwim?
    That's correct...babies' intestines mature somewhere between four and six months. It's because internal readiness doesn't correspond to external signs of readiness that six months is recommended - because it benefits the babies who weren't ready until nearer six months, and certainly does no harm to the ones who were ready earlier. Babies who were exclusively breastfed for 6-7 months were shown to have higher iron levels at 12 months old.

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