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Thread: Can't get her down in daytime

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    Help - I have a 12 week old (6week corrected age due to prematurity). She has started to sleep longer in the evenings, a nice 4-5 hour stretch around 8 or 9pm. however, during the day she never wants to go to sleep. She fights it, whole body twitching, crying, etc. and I can tell she is tired. Also, it seems like whenever I do get her to sleep after rocking and rocking her, the minute I set her down she wakes up.
    Any advice on what to do? Do I leave her? She still seems little, but I am trying to be sentitive to her need to sleep. I've read they shouldn't be awake for more than a 2-our period.

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    My LO is 14 weeks and she's been doing this. She cries a lot, fussy, and doesn't nap. I too can tell she's tired as she rubs her eyes a lot but she just won't sleep. She's also on a "BM strike" (if there's such a thing) during the day. All I do is carry her, cuddle her and when she finally nurses she goes to sleep. I burp her and wait until she's in a "deep" sleep and I put her down and she knocks out for a while. I need a sling or wrap because it's getting real tiring to be carrying 16 lbs. in your arms for several hours at a time!
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    My LO is 4.5 months old and we're having the same problem. He will sleep as long as he's nursing or laying on me, but the minute I put him in his bed, he's awake. I've had some success putting him down to sleep in the middle of my bed or in his swing. Mostly I just sit here and let him nurse while he sleeps. I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do, but at least he gets some sleep!
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    My preemie (5 wk early) son needed so much cuddling, comfort nursing and mommy contact time for his first 3 months or so in this world. I used to think that if he had been my first he would have been my last but now he is the most easy going baby on the planet (he's 5 months old by the calendar).

    I don't know if this helps but I think these little ones that come into the world so early just need a lot (I mean A LOT) of physical contact. DS 2 would only sleep on me for a long time (day and night).

    Good luck. I know how challenging those early weeks are. It really will get easier...reasonably soon too.
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    We held Nolan all the time when he was born and after he came home. We just figured he needed it, and it was the only time we could do it for him. We even slept with him on our chests.

    So yeah, the house got a little cluttered but I don't regret those times at all.

    Now he sleeps by himself great, although sometimes I hold him while he is sleeping just to have that me and baby time.
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    My boy was like that too until about one year old. I nursed him to sleep during nap time and after he fell asleep, I would lay him on top of me and I took a nap with him. If I moved him, he would wake up most of the time. In the night, he would wake up every 2-3 hours and I had to nurse him back to sleep. The first year was tough but now things get a lot easier. Now he is 15 months old and a lot easier to take care of, sleep through the night and after I nurse him to sleep during nap time, I can lay him down and he will stay sleeping. I think the best way for you is napping with your baby

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    Thanks everyone! Glad to hear I'm not alone. She's gotten better with the am sleeping, but I think it's a continuation of night sleep. She slept 6 hours 2 nights last weekend from 9pm-3am, but hasn't gone that long since. Now she's about 4-5 again at night. We're trying to put her to bed at the same time every night and earlier, around 7pm and use a consistent ritual. They say day sleep develops last, around 12-16 weeks, so we are still about 2-6 weeks out. Preemies are hard!!!!!

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    Our 3 month old preemie fluctuates between too little and too much daytime sleeping. The moby wraps are great for getting him to nap when he cant settle himself down. The stroller works too but the wrap is better. He also tends to prefer to nap in his bouncer chair during the day as opposed to his bassinet which he seems to associate (I guess a good thing) with night time.

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    I have premature twins and they had a hard time too at first. I was with them all the time. I carried them in a wrap during the day and I slept with them at night. (Mostly one on my chest, one on my husbands chest)
    They never had to be alone at any time until they were 8 months old. Since then they have to sleep alone (with each other) in the family bed until we go to bed. During the day I still carry them for their naptimes.
    I think prematures are a little different (maybe a little more time consuming) because they came into this world too early and not the way it was supposed to be... they expect to be with mommy after birth even when they are born too early. But they don't get to be with mommy right away and in our case it took three weeks to leave the hospital...

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