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Thread: so I told the cop, "I have to pump, NOW!"

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    Red face so I told the cop, "I have to pump, NOW!"

    funny story....

    I was in Baltimore for a convention over the weekend. Our hotel was about 30 min from the city. I took my pump with me on my trip, and had it in the car, which was in a parking garage, while at the convention. I had procrastinated in pumping that evening, and was getting uncomfortable, but I figured.... what's another hour or two, I don't want to dampen anyone else's night. I thought, I'll get to pump as soon as we get back to the garage... or so I thought.

    We get back to the garage, and the whole place is locked down! The "24 hour garage" that was owned by Balitmore was not 24 hour! I ended up getting stuck outside at 2am with 35 other people. The garage next to us was locked and had some people locked outside AND locked inside! But, there is me... getting nervous and uncomfortable... and thinking "I either need to pump right now, or find a baby!" I was so concerned with leaking and was getting super paranoid. Everything around us was closed down.

    Long story (already) short after trying to contact the managers of the garage, we finally got a policeman to come by and he basically was like "you guys are screwed." He said he could drive some of us to our hotels with a paddy wagon, but told me mine was too far. Finally I said "Listen, is there a Walmart or Super Target open 24 hours near here? I'm a breastfeeding mother, and if I don't pump soon I will be VERY uncomfortable. I am 12 hours behind." He looked at me very confused and said "Do you want me to take you to the hospital?" *shakes head*

    I ended up crashing with about 12 other people in the hotel lobby across the street till 6am. I never got the knack of manual expression, but i tried my best in the br there. Moral of the story? Carry a manual pump at all times? or Don't procrastinate!

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    Default Re: so I told the cop, "I have to pump, NOW!"

    oh no.. now thats a story for New Beginings

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