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    My dd just started something new in the last two weeks. While she's nursing she will rub my chest, stomach and other breast. Lately she has started to hold onto the other nipple when she's falling asleep and will search for it to hold if she's sleeping. This is all fine, and I have to admit alittle cute, except when we are out and about. DD is 13 months and usually will nurse in the sling when we're out but she's starting to get annoyed if she can't hold the other breast. Anyone go through this? I'm not sure if I'm creating a monster by letting her do it. It's just that she is so affectionate and it seems to be her new way of showing it. thanks.

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    I heard about this from an IBCLC that I was working with. My ds is only 7 months old, but he will sometimes play with the other nipple. The lactation consultant said that babes figure out that they get more milk when they fiddle with the other nipple during nursing.

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    yes yes my little man started rubbing my belly when he was 5 months. now at 17 months he twiddles without mercy. i agree with the making more milk, if he nurses and twiddles, then the other side has already letdown when we switch. most of the time i can tolerate it, but around my period it hurts, and i have to keep his nails short! we only nurse at home or at familys so were pretty private.

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