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Thread: 6 1/2 mo cranky, sleepy, cries after nursing

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    Question 6 1/2 mo cranky, sleepy, cries after nursing

    Lo is almost 7 mo. For the last few days he has been much sleepier than usual. He is also more cranky and fussy, not his happy smiley self. For about two weeks at least, after he is done nursing he immediately arches his back and starts crying, and pulling away. At first I attributed this to his independence and wanting to sit up and look around, letting me know he was done. Sometimes he isn't even finished nursing when he does this, but it is almost impossible to get him started back to nursing. Very strange. I have plenty of milk, so it is not that.

    He also has been waking up in the night some, we are not sure if it is this, or we had switched his swaddle blanket, then back to the old one. (He will NOT sleep without one, ugh!) Anyone dealt with that let me know.

    He is waking up earlier than usual, and we have really upped the intake of foods over the past two weeks, so I don't know about being overly hungry. He has not been gassy, or upset when passing stools. He doesn't appear ill in anyway, and has never been sick. I can't feel teeth under his gums, but is teething an issue? He has been gnawing on everything and drooling excessively since 4 months. Any ideas!!
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    Default Re: 6 1/2 mo cranky, sleepy, cries after nursing

    It could be teething or maybe a growth spurt.

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    Default Re: 6 1/2 mo cranky, sleepy, cries after nursing

    When DD first started teething, I could see a ridge behind her gumline but couldn't feel anything underneath the gums until a couple of days before the tooth actually broke through. But the symptoms of teething started before that. So it could be teething.

    I would say if he has been a lot fussier than usual, you may want to take him in to see the ped. He could have an ear infection or something. If they give him a clean bill of health then you can probably chalk it up to teething.

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    Default Re: 6 1/2 mo cranky, sleepy, cries after nursing

    I agree with PPs...teething, growth spurt, or possibly ear infection. I'm leaning most towards teething, I think...on top of those other symptoms, mine is always more tired when there's a tooth on the way (I'm guessing because he's not sleeping as soundly).
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    It sounds like a growth spurt based on the sleepiness to me, but the arching of the back sounds like reflux. Although I don't know if reflux can become an issue at that age if it hasn't already been one.
    When I first discovered my daughter had reflux, she would constantly arch her back at the breast and cry after eating..
    I hope he's just growing!

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