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Thread: Hands up.. Whose got a grazer???

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    Default Hands up.. Whose got a grazer???

    Okay.. seriously. I feel like my lo is eating ALL day long. Not alot mind you.. just a bite here, a rice crisp here, a cheerio here... etc. She nurses about 5-6 times a day and still is always pointing to the cabinent where I keep her food. Or hanging on the fridge. If I sit her down to eat a meal she eats 2 bites and wants out of her chair but then 20 min later is saying num nummmy etc etc. ANyone else have a grazer??? She is on the smaller side.. short and a tad chubby- around 20 -22 lbs at 15 months so I guess she is fine but I just feel like she munches all day long! This is normal toddler behavior right?

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    Default Re: Hands up.. Whose got a grazer???

    Yup. I tell people she eats 2-3 breakfasts because she's much more a grazer in the a.m. I can pretty much always count on a big dinner, but the rest of the day is just eat, eat, eat.
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    Default Re: Hands up.. Whose got a grazer???

    He eats pretty much all the time, now there are some days he'll go without much. Other days he fills his hollow leg - I really don't know where he puts the stuff.

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