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Thread: Flying and milk storage...

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    Default Flying and milk storage...

    We're going on vacation in a few weeks. We will be going through 3 layovers, in the air for the majority of the day. Flying from 6 a.m. until about 6 p.m. or so. I need to take EBM with me. How do I travel with the milk? It has to be checked with the bags, correct? Will dry ice keep it frozen until I get there and get it into the freezer where we're staying? I realize the risks involved in putting my EBM on an airplane, as there is a chance it could get lost somehow and never seen again. I just need to know how to transport it and keep it frozen, because while it will all get used while we're there, we're going to be there for 7 days, and I know thawed BM needs to be used right away.

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    I'm taking my 6m old on a 9 hour flight on Friday and thought about taking EBM in bottles. However, I've now decided that I might as well just nurse her so that I don't have to worry about storage.
    My main reason for wanting to take bottles was so that she could have a drink when taking off and landing to hopefully release the pressure in her ears. However, if I'm unable to nurse her during those times then I'm hoping a pacifier will do the job!
    Was there a reason why you wanted to take EBM instead of nursing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*tranmama View Post
    How do I travel with the milk? It has to be checked with the bags, correct?
    There are actually very different rules about what you can take on a plane for your baby.

    How much were you planning on taking with you?

    Here are some links regarding flying and bring baby stuff...including liquids.

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    I recommend taking your EBM with as a carry-on, so it is always with you. I have had luggage delayed, so I don't check in anything I don't want need right away! :-)

    I tried both approaches of keeping my frozen milk frozen and fresh milk cold. Both worked for me:

    I packed a little cooler with frozen bags and dry ice wrapped in a layer of paper & plastic bags. This kept the milk frozen for 5 hours (1 hour delay + 3 hour flight + 1 hour drive to destination). I felt like the dry ice would have kept the milk frozen for much longer.

    I also took pumped milk from the day before the trip and placed it in a cooler with the regular ice packs to keep it cold. This worked fine for a 5 hour coast to coast flight and 2 hours for baggage claim & driving to destination.

    At security I pointed out my cooler and they hand inspected the contents.

    Have a great vacation!

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    yeah, I would suggest you take put it in a carry on. You never know about lost/late luggage. Not to mention, I would feel much safer with it with me. All you have to do is declare it and they wont bother you.


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    Default Re: Flying and milk storage...

    I am SO glad someone asked this question! I will be flying out of town with DD for the first time next month and have been freezing pumped BM for the occasion. I'll be nursing while we're away, but I want to have EBM on hand because we'll be visiting family that we don't see all that often and I want them to have a chance to feed her. (And also for the trip there...obviously.)

    Thanks for the links, nolies.mama!! They're very helpful.

    I was going to get angry and write letters to senators or something if BM wasn't allowed through the checkpoint! haha

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